Where are my keys?

I’m adding comics into my database and I know a few of them are keys (as marked next to the issue number). So why, when I look under statistics it shows I have no keys?

Can you check the ones that are keys in your database, and see if

  • the quantity field is set to 0?
  • the Collection Status is set to something else other than In Collection?

Statistics will only display key comics there that are in collection, for sale, and with quantity number higher than 0.

Does that help?

If not, can you show me some screenshots?

Quantity is set to 1 and details do indicate “in collection,” as seen in the first attached photo.
The second photo shows key Amazing Spider-Man Comics and the third shows my statistics indicating no keys.

Hi @kleaners it seems like there are indeed 0 keys in your collection.

I’m starting to wonder if you even have the key information.

The screenshot you’re showing shows me the Edit screen of 1 comic – and while this is a key in our Core database, this tab will not show that.

You need to edit the comic, then click the Value tab, and the key information will be there - but it will likely be nothing.

I recommend first trying this/:

  • Go to menu CLZ Core > Update Key Info
  • Make sure it is set to download Major and Minor (if you want them)
  • And I recommend to use Update and Clear, so your keys are in sync with our online database.

then finish the process and the keys should download.

Could that be it?

Success!! Thank you.

Awesome, good to hear that worked.

Now, can you test adding a comic that shows as key in the Add Comics screen, does it actually add with the Key information filled in during the adding?

Looks like two more minor keys were added since I took the above screen shot, so it seems everything is working properly.

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