Witchblade Spanish

While linking my comics to the core, I noticed it was trying to delete my Witchblade Vol. 1 #15 (Spanish) edition. There does not appear to be a spanish version in the core. I have submitted it to the core for review but am also posting on here for visability.

Can you elaborate on that? The Link to Core tool never deletes entries.

I suppose I used the wrong word. Its just not able to find a link to the comic. So i suppose it just needs to be added.

Do you actually own the Spanish edition?

I mean, your series title is listed as “Witchblade, Vol. 1 [SP]”.

Yes I do…

and I made the series myself. I would just like it to be added so that when i click link to core it no longer shows up.

We do have that one listed, as Witchblade, Vol. 1 [ES].

The barcode we have listed is different though:

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Found it!

And I have verified the barcode is 977112625000690015.

I submitted to the core.

Thank you!