Working with multiple tracks

This one drives me nuts - and it wasn’t always like this. Some years ago you changed editing of multiple track selections to where, instead of just editing them, you have to first click on the field name in a checkbox, and only then can you actually edit the field.
Example: select three tracks in an album and right-click “Edit Multiple Tracks.” Choose People tab, then “+” to Add Credit. Whoops! No you can’t! Because after People you have to click that damned Credits box.

Now, if I’ve gone to that page and try to click “+” to add Songwriters, why, with a multiple selection should it work differently than a single selection? No “Credits” needed for a single, so can we hope to eliminate that useless and annoying step?

Yes, that checkbox click indicates you want to edit or clear that field.
It is a safety measure, to avoid making changes to fields you did not want.

FYI: the Windows version still has the old Edit Multiple UI, which we got rid of for the mobile and web-based software quite a while ago.
The new Edit Multiple UI is much clearer, easier to use, especially if you often edit the same fields:

Another example of the Connect software being lightyears ahead of the old desktop software…

But it’s not resident here in my house on my PC, is it?

(It’s okay, Alwin. Someday all the old guys will be gone, and everyone left will just love web-based software to death. Just be patient.)

No, that’s the beauty of it. It’s in the cloud, so the data is safe AND you can access it from anywere, any computer. And if you have a new computer, no need to transfer software and data, just login and go.

Really, I feel stupid having to explain the advantages of web-based software in this day and age :slight_smile:

Yes, there are certainly many advantages, and if you live in an area with fast, reliable internet access it’s quite logical. However try to remember that not everyone has the luxury of reliable high speed internet.


That used to be an argument we often heard when we started with Connect, 15 years ago.
But this is 2024. Most users nowadays have 5G internet even on their phones.

And if you ever find yourself without internet and you need to check your database, just use the CLZ mobile app, which has the data stored locally and does not need internet to view the database.

Web-based software is everywhere. We are one of the last remaining companies that still have installed desktop software.

I guess the operative word is “most.” In many rural
areas of the US that’s not the case. I have 5mb dsl at my house and no cell service, and power outages when the internet goes as well.

I have the feeling we had this discussion before, but wouldn’t the computer also not start during a power outage though?


Alright then! In that case it’s best to keep using the desktop software, with the Edit Multiple and the “checkboxes”.

Buenas tardes, Alwin. Yo siempre he usado el software de escritorio y CLZ Music. El de escritorio porque siempre he estado acostumbrado a este software y parece que tengo más control al estar en mi PC. No obstante tengo interés en conocer más Music Connect. Tengo algunas preguntas. Los datos en esta aplicación de la nube s pueden capturar también desde la unidad de CD - DVD de un ordenador? Las plantillas son las mismas que para el software de escritorio? Muchas gracias…

Music Connect cannot read/scan a CD in the CD-rom drive. You add by barcode there.
It does not have templates, but you can select between Dark or Light versions.

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A ver, entonces, si yo creo un Cd recopilatorio que quiero añadir a Music Connect, no puedo añadir los tiempos de manera automática, como cuando leo un CD en la unidad de CD - DVD, verdad? Aunque luego tengo yo que añadir los títulos manualmente. Para mí eso es un inconveniente para usar Music Connect…

Yep, you got me, that is not possible with Music Connect.

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