Would you ever consider doing an action figures / collectibles CLZ

Would you ever consider a CLZ for action figures/funkosother collectibles?

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Funko’s are on our radar. @CLZ_Syts and I are Funko Pop collectors ourselves :slight_smile:
It is also a nicely cataloged and numbered world, perfect for creating an app.

Action figures, not really, sorry.


CLZ POP! Yes please!



Awww, so no G. I. Joe Classified, nor Transformer Masterpieces? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ah, dang, this answered one of my questions I never thought was gonna be worth an “out loud” ask.

I shall keep my horrifying spreadsheets for Transformers, Marvel Legends and other oddities, I suppose…

Are users allowed to use one of the existing apps to add action figures as a custom entry on their own?

I have a small GIJoe collection (under 100 figures) that I want to track.

You can of course add action figures to your own app, no problem. We just don’t want them in any of our Core online databases :slight_smile:

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Related question: any thoughts or plans for a Lego app? They use item numbers for each of their sets.

Would love both a pop app and a Lego app. I use the free ones now and they’re… okay… I guess.

We have no plans for a CLZ Lego, sorry.
Could use one though!

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