Wrong alphabetical order for Spanish authors

It seems that the alphabetical classification of Hispanic authors (who use both surnames) is based on the last surname, which is absolutely incorrect. The alphabetical order is given by the paternal surname (it is the first) and not by the maternal surname (it is the second).
Examples are:
Mario Vargas Llosa should be classified under V and not Ll.
Carmen Martín Gaite should be classified under M and not G.
Some authors use only the first surname (this is not usual) for these cases the order is correct, but they are the fewest.
Jose Luis Sampedro, should be classified in the S as he does not use his second surname and Jose Luis is a compound name.
Can anyone come up with an idea or solution to this awkward problem?

It can happen that a sortname enters our online Core database wrongly.

You can fix this yourself in your own database:

Click menu Edit > Manage Pick Lists
Now go to your author list.

Now, find Mario Vargas Llosa, right click the entry and hit edit.

You can now manually type in the correct sort name, save it, and you’re good to go.

You can do that for all authors that seem to be sorting wrong.

Thanks for the quick response.
Thanks for the solution, I will use it, but it represents extra work for me.

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