Wrong issue version being added

In Comic Connect when I selected Spawn #352B to add using the Add Comic / Pull List feature, instead of adding 352B, it defaulted to adding 352A. I deleted that entry and tried two more times. Same result. I checked carefully that only 352B was selected each time. When I added 352B from my CLZ iPhone app, it worked fine. It seems I had the same issue once before. Anyone else report this?

We have tried everything we could think of, but we were not able to reproduce this problems.
When we select 352B, it really adds 352B.

Are you using the wrong Add button maybe?
The Add button under the panel on the left adds the CHECKED comics in the list above.
The Add button under the preview panel on the right adds the comic that is in the Preview panel.

So if you just checkbox #325B, but the preview is still showing #325A, then using the Add button on the bottom right, will add #325A !!!

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I entered several sample issues and here is what i discovered. The left button worked as you described. The right button works as well IF you select (plus check) the variant and it pops up in the preview box. I’m used to seeing the selected variant in the preview box. And I’m pretty sure I was this time, but at this point, who knows. :man_shrugging:t2:

Exactly! That is how it works.
Checking is then not even necessary. Just select so that it shows in the preview, then Add using the button on the bottom right.