Wrong pricing

I don’t see a dedicated thread for this. My 9.4 raw copy of Venom: The Enemy Within #1 has been showing a value of $405 for a couple months now. This can’t be correct. If I change it to slabbed it’s only $100.

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I am having the same problem mine is showing $300 for the raw copy which should only be around $15 . Been up for months with no fix yet.

@Reddog100, I wonder if you have it linked to the newsstand edition.

CovrPrice shows a 9.4 newsstand edition at $300. The 9.4 direct edition is $19.

You can press and hold on that issue until the Action menu appears in the lower right corner. Choose Relink Core Variant from the action menu and choose the direct edition.

See if that helps.

really? That seems reasonable? a 281$ difference between newsstand and direct on a mass produced 90’s book with no key content?

There is even a completely separate sub-forum for value related questions :slight_smile:
I have moved your post to the correct forum now.

Looks like a sale was tracked on Dec 24, 2023, for $300:

Seems a bit high indeed. @MrDay-CP ?

I took a look and the sale DID happen, but looks like it was one of those secret prices where it actually was agreed upon at $150. We have the ability to access those secret eBay prices but we can’t always catch them when they happen. Also, it looks like this was a super high grade copy. Slabbed 9.8’s go for north of $400 and most recently went for $600, so its worth it for some people to roll the dice and try to get a 9.8 copy for just $150 + slabbing costs.

So while I agree the price was off, it was still quite high when compared to other NM copies. That’s why its important to dive more into the data and not just look at one price at one grade level. Looking over at the slabbed prices and the potential to get a 9.8 newsstand can drive people to pay up on a book.

ok, but with all of that said, it doesn’t make this book worth 400$. This 1 sale should be disregarded when accounting for the value of this raw book.

No one is saying the raw version of the book is worth $400. That raw went for $150, which is reasonable for a super high grade 9.8 raw contender when there have been 3 CGC 9.8 sales at $300 or above and no recorded sales below that level.

It’s listed in CLZ on my app as a raw 9.4 at $410, so yes, someone is saying it’s worth 400$

And now after an update it’s showing as only 40$. Probably still a bit high, but a much more reasonable number. Thanks for the action.

So the changes are instantaneous on CovrPrice, but it can take up to like 10 hours for the price change to flow over to CLZ. You were just seeing that delay.

Also, I’m guessing you are seeing Canadian prices or something like that and perhaps a price that has not further updated because the current Newsstand raw NM bucket is at $15 USD right now:

yes CDN and the price just dropped another 20$, so all good now. Thanks again.