Wrong title pops up when I click Add Comic

So I have a good size collection of Uncanny X-men. The issue is when I click on Add Comic it always defaults to Marvel Milestone Editions and not Uncanny X-men, and then I have to go in change that every time I am trying to add or edit issues in my collection. I am trying to not reenter in a bunch of stuff. I am assuming there is a key value somewhere that is mis-assoicated.

The Series that opens is based on the Series ID of one of the comics in that series folder.

I checked your account and I see that you have 3 comics listed under “Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1” that are Marvel Milestone reprints. In Core, we currently have those listed under “Marvel Milestone Editions (1991-1995)”, so that is why THAT series opens when you click Add Comics.

What you can do to resolve this is use Update from Core on those 3 Marvel Milestone copies, letting it REPLACE the Series field. This will move those 3 to a separate “Marvel Milestone Editions (1991-1995)” series.

We were able to improve that code. It now picks the series ID that is most common in that folder. Which fixes the problem for your account!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Many thanks