X-Men Chronicles

There are two series with this name but for some reason when you have issues of the 1995 series in your collection and run the Missing Comics report it flags issues from the 1991 magazine.


The only reason I can think of is that your Core Series IDs for those series are incorrect.
Can you explain what happens exactly in the Missing Comics screen? Or show us with a screenshot?

Surely. Here is the entire progression tree:

I suspect this is a bug in the software.

The original picture showed:


I removed the issues from my database, deleted the titles from the series, editor, and re-added them. Now it looks like this:


And the Missing Comics report runs correctly.

What causes this?

And I suspect it is because you moved an issue from one title to another in core and then when I update my local database from core this happens. I can tell because I put in a request earlier this week to move a Generation X book to its correct title and now that issue triggers incorrect data in the report.


Further research shows that it has something to do with the Recognized Terms function and/or Title Name duplication. If you add an issue of “The Savage Hulk” to the database first the name is transformed to “Savage Hulk” and then when an issue of the other “Savage Hulk” series is added to the database the Series ID is messed up. When the clean “Savage Hulk” is added to the database PRIOR to “The Savage Hulk” everything works fine.