XML file Export (Comics)

Hi all,
I am trying to export the XML file from the desktop app. A year ago I could do this. Now, the process starts, but when it finishes the screen goes dark but no download is apparent.
Can anyone guide me in where it is stored or how to “see” the file once created, please.
Many thanks

I tried opening your Comic Connect account, but it opens very very slow.
So I suspect that is related. Maybe it is the size of your database, 98 thousand comics. Shouldn’t be this slow though.

Will ask our developers to look at your account.

Yes please - thank you, Alwin

We tried here and the export worked for us. It takes a long time though. When we tried it from your account it took 12 minutes.

BTW: we made a tweak to the folder panel loading, which has made loading your big collection quite a bit faster.