Adding multiple issues to manually created title

I’ve created many titles that don’t exist in the CLZ database due to them being foreign titles/books (“Not found? Add it manually”)

Presently, the only way of adding additional issue numbers within a given manually-created title is:

  • Have the title copied
  • Go to manually add issue
  • Long-press in “Series Title” field
  • Paste the title
  • Enter in the next issue #

When there’s only a few issues to add its no big del. But when there’s hundreds…this gets tedious.

Is there a better/faster way of accomplishing this? It would be great if when selecting the big blue ‘+’ button within a manually-created title that it would auto-populate the title and all I would need to do is add the issue #.

I am confused about the Copy/Paste part.
Can’t you just tap the Series field to pop up the Series list, type a few letters to find the series, select, done.

Alternatively, have you tried Duplicating an existing issue, then editing the copy?

Pasting was faster than typing, even a few letters. My goal was to have the Series Title field auto-populate when adding a new issue within the Series Title.

Duplicating and then editing the issue number does seem to be a little quicker.

I have a bunch (46 foreign Series Title entries and 688 books) of foreign G.I. Joe books now manually entered in.

I’m working on acquiring scans for all of them (including the ones I don’t personally own) and adding covers on them.

Once I have everything shored up well, what is the proper method to submit all these for addition to the Core?

The Submit to Core command under Action is the way to go for that.

Well…I don’t see that option.
Here’s a screenshot of the options under ‘Action’:

I’m on Android.

(I’m not quite ready to submit to Core…juat trying to understand how once I am ready with everything.)

It is only available for individual comics.
So go to a comic’s details page, then Action.

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Got it. :+1:

Is it preferred that I submit issues just one at a time, or wait until I have a bunch ready to do all at once? Or does it even matter to your team?

Better to do them all in one go.

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So I tried submitting an issue to Core (G.I. Joe - Brazil - COMANDOS EM AÇÁO).

It takes me to the web page, and literally nothing is populated except for the covers that I attached in my CLZ app.

I listed “Issue Number”, plot (explanation and background of the title in that country), and “Publisher” in the app content, but on the web page it’s blank along with everything else.

In order to submit to Core, do I really have to manually fill out everything again even though the information is in my app content?

And here is what the specific issue looks like in my app now.

That is strange indeed. It should upload your existing data, to pre-populate the form.

I do see that the page shows an error at the top. Looks like the page breaks because of unexpected characters in the data.

Will try to reproduce this problem on Monday.

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Hmmm…could be the flag icon I added to the “plot” content. I’ll remove that and see if it fixes.

Thanks for the possible direction.

So the flag icon in the text body of the “plot” was causing the problem. I removed that and it works as expected.

Thank you, sir!

Indeed emojis also don’t sync with CLZ Cloud, and apparently it’s breaking the data when using “report to Core” as well.

Will check if we can perhaps make it just “ignore” emojis and still continue!

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So…I’ve now submitted some 660++ books to Core (via the “Submit to Core” button under “Action” for each book individually).

What’s the best way of checking progress?