CLZ App doesn’t ever load

Hello, I just downloaded the CLZ app onto my iPhone 15 and the app never fully loads (see screenshot). It just keeps spinning. I’ve tried to force close and tried deleting/reinstalling but nothing has worked so far. Does anyone have any idea of how I can get past this first screen? There is no way to exit out of it. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this!

We’re experiencing some server issues and are working to get this resolved. My apologies for the temporary inconvenience!

And I was wondering if it might have been server issues too. Thanks for the update! I’ll try again later.

It should work again now, can you give it a try? You may have to completely shut down the app (you know, slide it out of view) to make it go!

Let me know if it works for you please :slight_smile:

Everything is working now and I was able to get my sub started. Thank you!


Awesome, great to hear that :slight_smile: if you have any questions feel free to make a post of course!