Do you prefer a program or online?

Which is better in your opinion for a database or list of things? Be it movies, comics, games, books, or music.

Program. I do not like having to rely on an internet connection.


I very much prefer web-based software. I hardly use any installed local software anymore. I think the only installed software I use is the BBEdit text editor and the SnagIt screenshot tool.


Definitely the installed program with everything stored locally. Web-based data will be gone when the responsible people decide to do so. Puuuuff.


There is no need to lose data when using the web-based software. You can always make local backups or export data to CSV.

Also, when the “responsible people” decide to quite the business, you will have a problem anyway, whether you are using the web-based software or the desktop software. The desktop software also heavily depends on CLZ servers being online, for license/subscription checks, adding new items, syncing with CLZ Cloud, using the Find Cover tool, etc…


I prefer the Desktop Software as I am not a fan of web-base software. I have thought about switching to Connect, but I don’t know how much is adjustable by me. When I add new Movies/TV Series I tweak them some and then some more after I watch them. I like how the program works, but there are some small things that prefer different than the default results. Some of them I manually change/update as the program defaults can’t be changed.


Desktop software for me, if you’re not in a major residential area, internet can be unreliable. Also it’s much faster to work with desktop software.


We offer a 7 day free trial. Easy to find out.

Sorry, I don’t follow. Why would that not be possible with Connect?

Right after I posted my response, I realized I could download the free trial. I will probably do that. Then I should be able to determine if my line of thinking is correct for your second question.


Alas, I still like the volume of data and flexibility of desktop. Saved funky searches, user-defined fields, “internal” information (stories and such for books, episodes for movies, and so on).

That’s forever been what stalls me out on switching (though I suppose that lacking an interface for it if I lack a connection would also give me pause: I could have the data, but viewing it would be unpleasant. I got out of spreadsheets for a reason, much as I love them otherwise =)

I love this web based program the fact that it’s run by a responsible party and seems solid in both updates and connectivity is truly a bonus


I have to say that I prefer desktop software. I do not like to depend on the Internet connection.


I am shocked and surprised how many people here prefer the desktop program!

Glad though.


It does look like the topic “results” are a bit skewed though. It seems the new Club has attracted more users of the desktop software than our customer base that is on mobile and web :slight_smile:

Desktop + Mobile for me. I like desktop’s customizability. And Mobile’s portability. And the fact that internet is not always an option sways me away from the cloud-based software.

However, I feel the writing is on the wall and the web based will eventually overthrow the desktop version. Just like so many other software companies. Sad but true. A matter of economics I suppose.

Alwin/AJ, Just curious, what are the percentages of CLZ patrons using? Desktop, Mobile, Cloud or combination.


Desktop and Mobile app for me. Been using it for several years and i like the flexibility. Not going to change in the near future
70 year old stuck in his ways


But the Connect web-based software does not offer you the flexibility you need?

Never tried it. Just like to sit in front of my pc and play.

Okay, yeah, that is a great argument against the Connect web-based software :slight_smile:

I use the desktop for Music Collector almost exclusively saving mobile for while I’m out shopping. All the fields I’ve customized and the music related information I’ve added, plus the fun screen time, are what keep me on that particular desktop app.

I’m slowly moving to the web-based apps for Movies and Books since I’m not as particular about the info I collect (get it?).

I’m not so much worried about the difference between the two but Music Collector’s desktop app is, for me, the one I’ll always use.