Feature Request: Runout (dead wax) list

I currently use Notes to record runouts (dead wax) for each album side, but a list seems like a more appropriate structure as it would make advanced features possible in every Music Collector platform. Here are a few that would be great to have:

  1. Search: Find items with similar runouts in your collection.
  2. Discogs Integration: If their API allows it, it would be great if links to specific pressings on Discogs could be automatically created making it easier to estimate the value of your collection.
  3. Pressing Plant Identification: Runouts typically include symbols and other markings (e.g., 回-G-回 , IAM ‘Triangle’ , SRC) that denote the plant where the vinyl was pressed.
  4. Master Signatures: Sometimes the person who masters an album leaves their “signature” within the deadwax.
  5. Autocomplete: When entering a runout, it would be great if matches in Discogs, or wherever, were suggested to save entry time and improve accuracy. This should include the pressing plant and other symbols, as part of autocomplete and as a “dropdown” helper.

Runouts are one of the most important criteria in record collecting but also the biggest chore to decipher, especially for new collectors. Anything that makes it easier to decode their meaning and leverage the valuable information they hold would be HUGE for collectors.

Applying AI would be groundbreaking!

What do you think? Do you agree? What other runout related features can you think of?

For reference:
Discogs: Common runout groove etchings: how to list them (Version 6)

The inclusion of a Matrix Runout field is on our to-do list!