[Fixed] The Crew Motorfest / PS4 - USA - Wrong Cover

Game Name: The Crew Motorfest
Edition: Special Edition
Barcode: 887256115203
Region: USA
Platform: PS4

Side note: i think the USA version and the EU version are Sharing the same Barcode
i have uploaded the Back Cover as well

Indeed looks like that barcode is shared for both the US and EU editions. Which is weird for PS4 games.
I added both covers now.

How do you select the correct cover when i already have the game in my list, any time i delete and add it auto downloads the EU cover does not give me a selection option and dows not download based on my region selected

When you add the game by barcode, you should be able to EXPAND the barcode entry in your queue and select from the available covers.

That would mean i would need to delete it from my list and readd any personal info iv added about it

Guessing there is no way to fix it, without removing and rescanning it. ?