I'm not seeing all my data

I have the same problem but inte desktop version,not the app. I can’t find any buttons like you describe in
my version

If you have troubles with the desktop app, I recommend posting in this forum instead:

I have moved your post to its own topic @blun in the correct forum.

CLZ Music for mobile and Music Collector Windows work vastly different.

In any case, for Music Collector Windows, you can try these steps:

Open the quick filter panel, top left. It has a red exclamation mark on the button probably, as it is active. The red icon indicates that the filter is active.

You can either:

  • Click “Reset Filters” at the bottom.
  • Or uncheck “Keep Active” and hide the quick filter panel.

If that’s not it can you check if you have a collection status filter active via menu Search > In Collection Status > ALL

And if that’s not it, check the bottom bar of your program, does it say a filter is on?

Thank you, it’s now ok

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Which of the suggestion was the solution in the end?