Problem with Studio designation

Lately, when I’m loading a new movie into Movie Collector, the Studio list shows the film is from “Array,” with no other studio listed. When I go to IMDB, it gives me the actual studio(s) that produced the film and I can correct it in Movie Collector, but clearly something is wrong here if IMDB has it right but it’s somehow being miscommunicated to Movie Collector.

Yes, this is a known problem, we have already found the cause and are working on a fix.

It was already reported here:

Glad a fix is in! I didn’t realize it was also a problem with other versions of CLZ. Thanks!

This has now been resolved.
We have fixed the original problem that caused this and after that we updated all movies with Studio = Array with the correct Studio information.

To fix your entries, use Update from Core with the Studio field set to REPLACE.