So here we are again!

Once upon a time there was a Collectorz forum, and the posters were a spirited group!

Alwin, I’m very pleased that you decided to revive it - I will never, ever, use Facebook, so was in the information wilderness for those years, but here we are again!

Hope some of the old posters are still around, and I’m looking forward to exchanging views and information with the new crop.

Thanks again!


Welcome back!

Heh TinPanFan, I too once swore never to use Facebook. But then a bookshop I really like, which is many hundreds of kilometres from where I live so I can’t just visit whenever I want, started putting up books on Facebook for their clients to bid for. So I just HAD to go over to the darkside. :frowning:

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Fortunately, such a Hobson’s choice never happened to me. I guess Alwin assumed that all righteous-minded people were on Facebook, so maybe it was just a ploy to get rid of me. Worked for a while, but, as I said, here we are again!

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Ahhh the ploy! Guess we got foiled again!

Hehe, good to see a couple of familiar users back on the forums! Welcome back :smiley:

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Now, where’s OldGeek?


Nothing beats a good, old message forum like in the old days. Thanks, Alwin :slight_smile:

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Wow. That brings back memories…
Glad to be - again - part of this community.

Yeah, Old Geek was the first name I thought of when Alwin revived the forum. He’d probably hoped we old guys weren’t around any more to whinge and complain about every improvement he made to the product, but … didn’t you miss it at least a little bit, Alwin?

Hi guys!
I m so happy to find CLZ a year ago and beeing a part of this awesome community!


Haha, we always love complaints about our improvements, it’s THE reason we do them :slight_smile:


Well, without Old Geek and the others I guess it’s up to me to make annoying complaints and meaningless objections to your product planning. I’ll do what I can, but I’m only one person, so be patient as I try to cover all the threads with irrelevant bullcrap.


Well, I can certainly help with that. 40+ years as a public librarian, from cataloger to director. I’ve heard every conceivable and inconceivable complaint regarding things bibliographic. And I’ve been using Collectorz for quite some time now.


All help will be welcomed.

Alwin sometimes has the silly idea that he knows better than us how the program should work (well, sometimes he gets it right). Old Geek never gave up when he felt that things weren’t up to Library Standards. To his credit, if I remember correctly, it was he who pushed relentlessly until Alwin gave up and merged several people lists into the single one we have today.

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Ouch, funny you bring that one up :slight_smile:
That was actually the worst example of us acting on user feedback. We received soooo many complaints about that change. That is also why the merging of person lists never happened for the other 4 collection databases.

For me, that’s a huge surprise. It certainly seems a no-brainer that it’s better to have one integrated list than several. In my case, for example, the “Benny Goodman” entry would appear - and have to be maintained - in Conductor, Composer, and Musician lists.

Guess that’s why you never invited me to help you run your business.

Most users prefer to have dedicated and short pick lists per field, and not have them “polluted” with all kinds of names of people who would never be used for a particular field.

I can understand to some extent, and especially for smaller collections it would be manageable. My collection, however, is about 35,000 tracks, each one as completely data-filled as possible, so even separate lists would still be huge.

Glad you did give in to Old Geek and the rest of us on this one, so thank you.

So glad that the forums are back! Much prefer them to Facebook!

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Well, I’m still around. And I too have never and will never use Facebook and alike. So I’m glad that the “forum” is back.