Submitted comics still not authenticated

I’ve been having a similar issue with new comic book series with outstanding items that never get added or addressed for months, New series have been submitted since October to present and are just never added to the system, In some cases I’ve submitted the item multiple times. Since I don;t keep the back cover scans of the books, resubmitting results in either losing the back cover for submission or extra additional work to try and get them authenticated for CLZ. The following is a list of specific comic book series missing from the system that I have submitted and are still awaiting some sort of authentication to be added to the system:

Black Riding Hood (Comicsgate Arena) # 1
Blood Realms Vol. 1 (Alterna Comics) # 13
Bonds (Blood Bond Books) #2
The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari TPB (Our Domain Comics)
Cash Grab Art Book (Cecil Jones)
Cincrypt Presents Slaughter Of The Vampires TPB (Our Domain Comics)
Cinecrypt The Silver Scream (Our Domain Comics) # 13A, 13B 13C, 14A, 14B, 14C
Cyberfrog Rekt Planet (All Caps Comics) # 1G, 1H, 1I, 1J
Cyberfrog Bloodhoney (All Caps Comics) # 1H, 1I
Cyberfrog Heartsick Horror (All Caps Comics) # 1
Exiled (Blood Bonds Books) #1
FATL (Sweet Comics) # 1B
Fiendish (Hellion Arts) # 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D
Graveyard Shift (Haunted Pizza LLC and Secret Door LLC) 3E
Graveyard Shift Supplemental (Haunted Pizza LLC and Secret Door LLC) 4
Groken (Mitografia) # 2A, 2B, 2C
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Collect Them All (Marvel)
Inglorious Rex (9 Lives Comics) # 1E
It Came Out On A Wednesday (Alterna Comics) # 20
Lady Alchemy: Mutus Liber (Maagnum Opus Productions) #1
Lumina Vhox GN (Jose Garcia) # 1, 2
The Midnight Slice (Our Domain Comics) #1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C
Mitografia: The Art Of Kenneth Rocafort Sketchbook (Mitografia)
No Cover (Sierra Whiskey) # 1A, 1B
Nosferatu TPB (Our Domain Comics)
The Phantom Of The Opera TPB (Our Domain Comics)
Peregrine: Wings Of The Falcon (Graded Publishing) # 1C
Psycho-Killers (Gifted Rebels) # 1
Red Koi (Alterna Comics) # 6, 7
Regrowth (Hellion Arts) # B
Ruby & Jade (LLDTJ) #3A1m 3A2, 3B1, 3B2, 3C1, 3C2
Salamandroid: Death’s Sting (All Caps Comics) # 1A, 1B
The Silent Scream TPB (Our Domain Comics)
Son Of Ambush Bug (DC) # 1C, 2C
Starlight Cats (9 Lives Comics) #1G
Terror In The Trenches (Rise Again Comics) # 1
Tyger Blue II: Unsung (Retro Graphic Books) #1A, 1B
Unit 44 (Alterna Comics) # 6, 7, 8
War Party (Rampart Press) # 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F, 1G, 4B
War Party Handbook (Rampart Press) # 1
Wulf And Batsy (Alterna Comics) # 6, 7A, 7B
Zombie-Sama!: Dorm Of The Dead (Crusade Comics) # 1B
Zombie-Sama!: Winter Ronin (Crusade Comics) # 1

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I don’t think this is similar to that other topic, so I have split off your comment into a new forum topic.

Warlok, we have been recommending the Missing Comics pinned post on Facebook and now the “Core | Missing” forum here as THE preferred way to report comics missing in Core.
We will be phasing out the Submit to Core system for missing comics.

It’s frustrating to be submitting repeatedly over months new books that sometimes get added and sometimes just never get processed. After a large period of time, the user becomes so frustrated they need to look through forums and complain about a feature you are telling me is now being phased out. If adding new books should no longer be possible through the software, then this should be disabled. If it’s still supposed to work, then there is an issue as I’m pointing out ongoing problems. This new method forces me to create an discussion account and then limits what I can submit. This adds roadblocks that wasn’t needed and increases frustration rather than fixes issues.

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Hi Warlok,
I am sorry to hear about your frustration. Let me give you some background and history:

  • the Submit to Core system was originally a Windows only feature. During that time we could easily keep up with all submissions, with 1 content manager even.
  • but in Sept 2021 we introduced the Submit feature to the mobile app too.
  • the volume of submissions went up enormously (but overall quality decreased)
  • that created a backlog of submissions that got bigger and bigger. Currently over 13 thousand (!!) pending in queue.
  • the overall quality of the submitted data is quite low, in most cases it is even impossible to understand which comic users are submitting (missing images, missing barcodes, bad series names, etc…)
  • so we have been cherry picking from the queue, processing the good and clear ones
  • about a year ago, to give our users a short cut / fast track to get important missing stuff added, we started a Missing Variants thread in the Facebook group, mainly to reporting missing variants of recent releases
  • That worked very well and we added thousands of comics that way, mostly within a few days.
  • So a few months ago, we opened that up a bit and now have a “Missing Comics” thread that allows the reporting of any missing comics.
  • Then a WEEK ago, we introduced that same thread/forum here on Club CLZ

You see, these are all attempts to resolve the problem you are seeing, to try and give users a better and more efficient way to reporting missing comics, to decrease frustration.

And please understand this is all not final yet, we have not made a final decisions yet on terminating the Submit to Core system. We are just trying to see what works, in the hopes of ending up on something that we can make official.

I will ask one of our content managers to look at your pending submissions, I see 74 of them, of with images, that’s good… Many of them without barcodes though, so that may explain the delay.

Again, sorry for your frustration, but we are only doing all this to resolve the problems you have been seeing.

Thanks for your understanding,

All this is good to know and I appreciate the detail answer and help to have items added. Hopefully a beneficial solution can be found that both helps those with your company and the collectors using the software.
In the cases where barcodes weren’t entered with the submissions coming from me, it’s because no barcodes exist on the comic book. Most of those are crowdfunded and do not have them.
Moving forward I will submit them through here to have items added. I’ll include the back cover as well, if those can be included with the addition at the same time. I do see others are doing the same thing and including the back cover as well.
Please understand although I am frustrated on my end, I do appreciate the time you have taken to explain and help with the problem.

I personally hope the Submit to Core is not removed. I take a lot of time entering full data for my comics, including credits directly from the credits page, and it is a lot easier to then simply submit what I have entered for missing comics (and then submit a ticket every few days to give a heads-up on what has been entered).

Is the recommended method now to submit the basic issue info here and then submit the credits and everything to core after linking, or to actually retype all the credit info here?

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To be complete honest, we have not decided yet.
The Submit to Core system still works and if you submit there then email us afterwards, that still works too.

If you do want everything submitted here, maybe a future update could provide a submission view of a comic, which would include everything you guys want for a post here in an easily copied and pasted format.

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