Tapping an actors name = Griff Furst

Just updated to CLZ Movies 9.0 and tried the new “tap an actors” name feature. No matter which actor I tap I get a search screen with “Griff Furst” as the actor.

That is a weird one indeed.
First, are you seeing this on iOS or Android?

iOS 17.3 on an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Just tried it on my wifes iPhone running 17.3 and she sees “Phil Foster” no matter which actor is tapped.

I tried here on iOS and it worked for me here.
Just curious, if you use Actor folders, does that work correctly?

It seems to work just fine. Switching from No Folders to Actor then typing in Henry Fonda shows me his name and a 3 at the right. Taping his name displays the 3 movies.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled it. After the sync finished tapping the actor now works correctly. Although most of the covers are missing.

Not sure how to get the covers to download again.

Can you try from the menu: Maintenance, then “Update all from CLZ Cloud” ?

The still does not show most of the cover art after the sync.

If I select an entry and update from core the cover art fills in.

Selected all entries and updated from core. Now have all cover art.

Great good to hear that helped.

So I updated to and when i tap on an actor the whole program exits back to the iPhone home screen. Also it turns out the all of the cover art did not download when selecting all and update from Core. If I select one movie or a couple of pages then update from Core it works. I have 1923 items in my database and cannot waste time choosing small sections an updating them.

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We made a slight error when fixing something for iPad in version 9.0.2 which caused a bug on iPhone, crashing the app when tapping an actor.

We immediately submitted a new version to Apple - I’ll let you know when it’s live!

Sorry, can you explain why you need to do Update from Core to download images?


I want to dive into this problem
Can you show a couple screenshots for me where you used Update from Core and it did not grab an image? I’m curious what you are seeing.

And I would also like to see the following if possible, a video where you use Update from Core on the entire collection and then show me that it did not grab the cover for everything.

Here’s how you can make a screen recording on your iOs device:

  1. Go to Settings > Control Center, then tap + next to Screen Recording.
  2. Open Control Center (swipe down), tap the “Record” button, then wait for the three-second countdown.
  3. To stop recording, tap the red status bar at the top of the screen, then tap “Stop”.

You can send me the file(s) via:

I have uploaded the video.

Second video just uploaded shows what you were asking for.

Thank you. I will take a look when I’m back in the office tomorrow!