Use Edit Multiple to set Creators & Characters

Another update for the Comic Connect web-based software. This time we added more fields to the popular Edit Multiple tool (also known as the Batch Editing tool). That is, the tool that lets you make changes to multiple comics in one go.

Use Edit Multiple to set Creators & Characters

The ability to add or modify your own Custom list for Creators and Characters was introduced in August last year, but… only when editing your comics one by one.
Today, we are taking the next step: you can now set Creators and Characters for multiple comics in one go, using the Edit Multiple feature.

Note that for Creators, each Creator role is seen as a separate “field” for Edit Multiple. So to set Cover Artists, choose the Cover Artist field, to add Writers choose the Writer field, etc… You can of course add multiple persons for the role you choose.

First select some comics, then click on “Edit” in the blue action bar that appears:

Select the character and/or creator fields that you would like to add (or remove) for those selected comics and edit them: