What do you read/collect?

Tell the group what you like to read & collect, new comics and back issues. Here’s mine:

New Comics:
I buy/read 100 different comics series each month. 30-35 of those are Marvel/DC with the balance being “indies” from Image, Dark Horse, BOOM!, IDW, and lots of other smaller publishers.

Back Issues:
I’m working on completing Marvel superhero books from the beginning to somewhere in the early 2000s.
I only have a few to go:
FF #4, Hulk #1 & 2, JiM #83, ToS #39, TTA #27

I’m also filling in DC back to the beginning of the Silver Age. I need quite a bit more than Marvel, but I’m within a couple hundred.

I also love finding indie/creator-owned/underground comics I don’t have from the 70s/80s/90s

I’m an easy touch for almost anything I don’t have or have never seen.


Wow, 100 different comics series each month!!!? That sounds heavenly (and expensive lol)

For me, I’m enjoying reading random Marvel issues with the Marvel Unlimited digital subscription.

In terms of collecting, I am currently collecting Spawn and Something is Killing the Children. Only need 6 more issues to complete my entire Spawn series collection and need about 12 more issues to complete the SIKTC series. I’m having a blast but my wallet is aching a bit haha


My monthly pull list is Thor, Avengers, Hulk, Dr. Strange, Transformers, Fantastic Four and The Sacrificers.

For back issues/trades I slowly pick up 80s - 00s Marvel and DC events and story arcs.

For complete runs I am working on vol 1 Avengers and Fantastic Four.

I have completed runs on every volume of Thor, and recently completed vol 1 of Marvel Team Up and Invaders.




Right place, right time for me. When I was younger & not making a lot comics were MUCH cheaper.
Now I make a good salary so spending a couple hundred $ a month isn’t a problem (though i do get 35% discount off cover price).

Marvel Unlimited digital is a good bargain.


I don’t read/collect comics. However, I do read/collect manga.

But what I really use the Comic app for is my collection of magazines. I find Comic works best because it works well with serial publications (vs. Books). I have to manually enter all my stuff, and don’t sync anything with core, but that’s what I do.

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Manga ARE comics.

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I read and collect too much! lol

The bulk of what I read and collect are new Marvel and DC current books, but I have a decent helping of Indie or smaller publisher books that I read.

I’m spending about $60-$80 a week on new books, and my LCS gives a 15% discount to pull list customers.

Although I have started to collect some older Batman, Detective Comics, GI Joe, and Star Wars books.

I had a couple of books from my childhood in the late 80’s early 90’s, and really started collecting new books in 2004.

Currently I have about 13,500 books in my collection.


I only got back into comics close to 2 years ago after a decades long absence. Didn’t jump right in on new titles, but I right now, here’s what I am reading:

  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Ultimate Spider-Man (Issue #1 drops today! Can’t wait!)
  • Sensational She-Hulk
  • Daredevil
  • Iron Man
  • Wolverine vs. Predator
  • Wonder Woman
  • Void Rivals
  • Transformers
  • GI Joe
  • Duke
  • Beneath the Trees Where Nobody Sees (IDW)

I’m really digging the Energon Universe stuff from Image right now, and the Beneath the Trees is properly twisted, which is not usually my jam, but I’m digging it.
DD and Iron Man are testing me, and I may drop them soon. ASM is out of loyalty, period, because it has been frustrating so far.

After that, I’m trying to complete some Bronze & Copper Age runs this year…all Marvel.

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I’m collecting spawn too. I’ve got about 75 of the issues along with all of the scorched issues and some king spawn and gunslinger spawn mixed in. I know I’ve got a long way to go but I’ll get them all eventually.


I’m a lifetime Spider-Man fan too…it has run hot & Cold over the years, and in a downswing for me too, i was not a fan of the “MJ marries some random dude” storyline, and the Rek-Rap character sets my teeth on edge, but I’m sure there are other fans who love him.

I agree with you that Beneath the trees is pretty awesome.


Mainly I collect Transformers and Moon Knight comics, and anything drawn by James Stokoe.

I completed my collection of the original 1984 Marvel Transformers comics a couple of years ago, and have since been working on the Marvel UK run.


I love Stokoe too!
Collecting UK comic series is fun and a bit challenging in the US, you don’t see them very often.
I have a few different UK series but nothing approaching a complete run.

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I mostly collect & read old Superman, Batman, Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Spawn, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, Wolverine, Witchblade, The Darkness, Gen13, Transformers, & more. Haven’t purchased many newer comics in a while, save for the Batman/Spawn issues, the few recent DC anniversaries (Death & Return of Superman) & a handful of variants I’ve liked. I mostly stick to backissues at the moment. :+1:t2:


What do you consider “old” for Superman, Batman, or Spider-Man? You name a bunch of 80s/90s stuff. So im wondering if all your vsck issues are that era or if there’s a variation by series.

Seems like that might vary by person.

I don’t do Golden Age much. So my old Superman/Batman are late 50s and early 60s.

Knights of the Dinner Table for me.

My wife reads a lot of manga so we started using the CLZ Comics app just do she could have a convenient way to find out what volumes of every series she has (we had a problem with buying duplicate copies before)


I LOVE Knights of the Dinner Table!
I’ve been reading them since they were in Shadis magazine and have every issue of the comic.
I got these a number of years ago:

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I do straight Indies, mostly Dynamite, Boom, Image, Old Chaos, Coffin Comics, Absolute, and a few others.


Current buys are:

Spawn books: Spawn, King Spawn, Scorched, Gunslinger (and soon Sam & Twitch)
MassiveVerse: Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, Dead Lucky, No/One
Skybound/Energon Universe: Void Rivals, Transformers, Duke, Cobra Commander

Going back I have complete: Ultraverse, Catalyst Prime and Fables sets across all titles.

I’m a fan of watching “worlds” get developed…


For a Modern age series, Spawn can get quite pricey already… especially some of the first 100. But you can find the issues easier then lets say some silver or golden age… :slight_smile:


Hi there,
thought I jump in as well on this conversation :slight_smile: . I collect around 20+ years now and the titles change a bit as well does the budget, but some I got stuck with :smiley:

My current monthly pull and collect list:

  • Action Comics
  • Amazing Spider-Man (even so i really dislike Jr. Jr. Art)
  • Batman 89
  • Batman And Robin
  • Batman And Scooby-Doo Mysteries
  • Batman (Favorit Character)
  • Batman Superman Worlds Finest
  • Conan The Barbarian
  • Detective Comics
  • Ghost Rider Final Vengeance
  • I Hate Fairyland
  • Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man
  • Savage Sword Of Conan
  • Shazam
  • Spawn
  • Spider-Boy
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures
  • The Spectacular Spider-Men
  • Ultimate Spider-Man
  • Wonder Woman

My top favorite comics I enjoy reading atm are:

  • Conan (fun to read and great artwork, hoping the legendary artists come back time to time)
  • Wonder Woman (amazing art and story! highly recommended)
  • Batman Superman World’s Finest (love the artwork and story is enjoyable)

Series I dropped recently cause I was very disappointed about either art, story or both:

  • Venom ( extremely tired of the whole Meridius story)

  • Incredible Hulk ( had a great start but when the artist changed for a few issues it was litteraly horrible)

Not on my buy list but I enjoy digitally:

  • Red Sonja

Might have forgotten some, but thats a good overview…