Will Music Collector be dismissed?

3 panels Horizontal

Are you sure? That is a strange view to work in. I mean, with the full width folder panel wasting a lot of space:

This one

Ah, you are using 3 panels Horizontal, but WITHOUT a folder panel.

But that layout is available in Music Connect too:

Yeah i saw that. Tell me if i transferred to music connect can i still use collector if i want and both will run together if i edit music collector?

If you just subscribe to Music Connect, sure, you can use them next to each other.

But if you accept our special Trade-In offer, for transferring your existing subscription days AND getting 4 months free… then you actually TRADE IN your Music Collector and you cannot use it anymore.

What’s changed…the elimination of support for the desktop app. I do not usee the web based Music Collector app. I only use the desktop and occassionally the iphone app too look up something in my collection. I have no interest in using a browser/internet hosted app (SAAS). I work in the tech field and advise all my clients that any application you deem critical for business ops or for its data to always have an on prem solution. I practice what I preach and for me my music collection data and ability to use offline when travelling or working from my mountain house where I have no internet and keep some of my music collection yet to be cataloged is important. As long as the app still works and so does the sync to the cloud and to the mobile app I will continue to use in the short term.

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Good point. I don’t travel anymore so a web based program has no use to me. I like saving everything to my usb sticks and my remote hard drive. I have this thing about apple and iphones where everything is in the cloud. I’m staying with music collector.

That did not change. We are still supporting the desktop software.

Okay, and how does a music cataloging program fall in that category?

You have stated that you will support it as “as long as that is feasible” and “All our development focus is now on the Music Connect web-based software and the CLZ Music mobile app. It is unlikely that there will be any more features update for the Music Collector desktop software.”
My music collection is both a key asset and a daily catalog program is essential just as my financial managment software. Bottom line, I can use them offline and have my master data locally stored.
Its clear I am not going to change your mind in regards to keeping the desktop Music Collector software updated and supported. I will just have to see how this plays out and keep alternatives in mind.

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Exactly. That means it will probably keep working for many years to come.

Some of our long-time competitors with music database desktop software for Windows:

Really, if you are coming from Music Collector, THE best alternative is our Music Connect web-based software.

Its a pity CLZ have stopped updating Music Collector as there are still many things that i would like to see! Oh well, it was nice to see the updates whilst they were going for the last 10 plus years. Thats progress i suppose or maybe a company that thinks change is better.

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Just curious, what would like to see added?

Credits expanded to include artwork and photographers, Date listened and some other’s that really wont come to mind at the Moment. Ha Ha.

Some general expansion to the credits system would be cool to see. E.g. the ability to indicate which tracks certain credits would apply e.g. where an album has multiple producers for different songs or a guest player in particular songs, etc - you can currently ‘bypass’ this by just adding track numbers after the instruments for musicians, but same doesn’t apply for the other credits like producers, engineers, etc. You could potentially even utilise the individual track credits feature for this because right now that feature seems almost superfluous (or certainly I can’t find any view where individual track credits are ever shown), but if e.g. you added a specific credit to track 3, the program would then add that credit into the details view with the right song indicated.

I still also wish there was a way to ‘group’ artists together in the artist folders. For example if Eric Example has in his 30 year career had several backing bands, all of which have been credit as Eric Example & The ___s, I’d like to be able to group all these under just the main Eric Example entry in my list of artists. Or if a band changes their name without any other changes to their line-up etc, I could just group both names under one artist folder. Playing around with view/sort names doesn’t quite work as the artist folder list still splits them.

Sorry, realise this is a bit off-topic - but I guess it’s to highlight that there are still some potential additions/tweaks out there to consider! Mainly just anything that enables further customisation of organisation and how data is viewed.

Re grouping an artist’s multiple bands, isn’t that accomplished by adding both the artist and the band as separate artist entries?

That’s absolutely a workaround for sure! But it then creates two separate artist folders, one for the main artist and one of the backing band, if you use the folder view and sort by Artist. Ideally I’d love to be able to organise Music Collector exactly like my shelf, with no duplicate entries. But appreciate it’s a minor little thing!

El principal problema que veo en Music Conect para una colección de música clásica es no poder organizar las composiciones por compositor, clave, op y fecha, como se puede hacer en Collector. Quizá haya otra manera de hacerlo que desconozco, pero la opción de una sola entrada que incluya todos estos campos a mi no me ayuda a su localización. No podría tener Music Conect esa opción?

I have written a long statement about all this here:

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