Got suggestions for Club CLZ? Comment below!

If you have a suggestion for the Club CLZ forum, let us know here.
This is all new and we are still tweaking the sub-forum organization, forum settings, etc…
We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas.


@CLZ_Alwin - It seems we now have Facebook Groups, Discord, this Discourse Forum, and email support avenues. Have I captured all of them?

I am just concerned this may be too much to keep up with for your support folks.

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As long as people don’t cross post, we should be fine :slight_smile:

But in fact, this support forum is meant to ease the load. As this will be THE main place to get support.
We will be trying to keep support questions away from the Facebook groups. Also the Discord servers were a temp solution while we set up this Club CLZ forum, so those will probably go away.

But thanks for your concern!


I would like to suggest you no longer send the New Comic Book Day emails but just post those lists here as a forum category.
I have no interest in these mails but I don’t think I can sign out for just these and still receive the general update mails.
If I can sign of on just those I would like to know how. Thank you.


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The New Comic Book Day articles are already being posted here.
But we will also keep sending them by email.

I am afraid it is not possible to just cancel these emails. For our email broadcasts it currently is all or nothing.

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well, then my next suggestion would be to make it possible to select which emails we would like to receive and which not. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Bartje Depending on your email client, and CLZ’s email subject line consistency, it may be possible to set up a rule to separate the unwanted emails into a separate folder or delete them altogether. In “Outlook 365” for example that facility is called ‘rules’, and you can do all sorts of things with it. I suspect most email clients can do the same (maybe not web based ones - I dunno).

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thanks for the suggestion. I use a web based client but it looks like I can add a filter on this so I’ll see if it works.

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Unlike Facebook which I check every day and see posts from the groups I have to visit this page to check out posts or comment. One thing that I think would be helpful and make it easier to check out this page would be to have a link on the apps and collector programs. That way when you add new books or other things to the program that you own you could have a simple reminder to check out these forums on the app or program with the link to select.

Great idea!

The link to the forum is being implemented in the mobile apps, and will be included in the next app update (any of the mobile apps).

For Connect the link is already in the menu near the bottom, where the contact and manual links are as well!


Suggestion: Would be nice to have an Introductions section where community members can share something about themselves. I’ve certainly enjoyed folks sharing what they are currently collecting and pics of their collections. Maybe have a dedicated thread for each member to update their current collecting and pics?

I’d love to see and explore what other folks are passionate about.

I have a marketing brain (from my profession) but I would think CLZ staff can expand on this content with follow-up interviews and be able to spotlight members on a monthly basis, focusing on their growing collections, how CLZ has changed their lives, and just be a great way to remind ourselves how awesome this community is.

Thanks for considering!


I like that idea. Will think about adding an Introduce Yourself forum to the General section.


@CLZ_Alwin - I also would like to NOT receive emails on any of the other software you provide since I don’t use those. Maybe this could be something to think about in the future? I know that would mean sending out multiple emails for you guys - but maybe you could poll the users and see what they want? Maybe there are a lot of people that don’t want the other stuff either. :laughing:

Oh - and I am not getting ANY notifications about new posts, responses to my posts or anything. I just happened to log back in because I got the latest email and it mentioned club clz which reminded me that it existed. So I went to go see what new things had been happening - and found a number of things I never got notified on. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE in Club CLZ and I’m not finding any place to set this up globally (unless I am just a goober and not looking in the right place!)


So if you open the forum on your computer, click on “My Posts” top left, then “Preferences”, then “Emails” - it should be there I think. Can you check it out?

Notification about software updates are only ever sent to the users that are subscribed to that software or app (or have been subscribed in the past).
I checked your account and you are ONLY receiving emails about Book Collector updates.

Of course, we DO sent out our monthly CLZ Newsletter, on the last day of the month, with a summary of the releases for that month, an overview of what we are working on, etc…
Is that what you are referring to? I can remove your email from the Newsletter list if you want?

Hi Alwin: Hmmm… maybe it is the monthly one. I did receive one yesterday - which I guess was the monthly one and it had stuff about core and the comics software. I don’t think I want you to remove me from that - because it does have core info in it sometimes. I guess what I don’t like is that sometimes I get it and none of the info in it pertains to me and the product I buy - so it is more like junk email. :grin:

Thanks for the clarification and for checking my account.