Let’s See Your Collection Rooms!

Curious to see what other people’s collection rooms/areas look like!

I just finished turning a spare bedroom into my collection room, or as my family likes to call it my “Nerd Archive”! lol

All of the comics are now sorted and filed and easy to find. I have 129 short boxes, but most all of them have some extra space for new books.

The CLZ App made this monumental task so much easier!


Very nice! I had a separate room for my collections, but moved to a smaller place last year and now I’m a little jammed up. These are a couple pics of what my room used to look like. Not pictured: 3 bookcases full of Transformers and other giant robot figures.


Here are a few static shots:

Here’s my Library room with bookcases for all the Marvel Masterworks, DC Archives, and various other classic collected editions:


Here’s the Media Library I coordinate



This is an amazing library… errr… collection! :heart_eyes:


Very impressive!


You are a legend @BobBretall :smile: A fanboys Dreamland …


Bob, I can’t help myself and need to ask: who cleans all this?
You must have imps or Dobbys because this is a MASSIVE undertaking.


My wife vacuums, we both dust (probably not as often as we should). We use a traditional dust cloths and also air dusters for delicate statues.

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:rofl: you just answerd the two main questions my wife had about your collection.

  1. Does he have a wife
  2. Who does the dusting

And i can imagen…even a small collection needs a lot of care… Keep it up :blush:

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This is where all of my collection resides in the basement, where my office is, the best thing about it is I get to be surrounded by all my books and models!


Very nice setup and impressive collection! I hope my next house has a basement so I can do something similar!


Looks great! I also have that Godzilla that’s on top in the middle of the last picture.

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My BCW box stacks aren’t worth showcasing but this part of my room is my happy place!

I plan to expand with more favorite slabbed comics when I get off my lazy arse and have the focus to drill more holes in my walls haha (I’m not handy whatsoever)


Thanks! The only problem is I need to properly sort the books in the crates. It is a big job since I haven’t kept up with things, and the great thing about having to do that is I don’t need to go the the gym as each box is super heavy, I get my weight lifting done.

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Godzilla is for my my favorite monster, I loved the last three Godzilla movies, but have yet to see Godzilla minus one.

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I like your wall! Nice collection of CGC books. Are you still buying/submitting them, after the CGC scandal?


Godzilla Minus One was fantastic in my opinion!

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Thank you!

Yes. Still buying and eventually will submit more. The comics I’m mostly interested in are modern (Spawn, IDW TMNT, and SIKTC) and I’m not as concerned about the uber expensive, scandalous comics being targeted. If people are defrauding me on those series, I’d be upset but I just don’t feel affected.