Movie Collector v23.3.5 has stopped working - Access Violations

My Movie Collector v23.3.5 has stopped working. I have uninstalled it, restarted the computer, and reinstalled it. Deleted everything in the registry pertaining to Movie Collector. Nothing changes. There are several error messages that come up. The first one is this…

Cannot create file
“C:\Users\pkread\AppData\Local\\Movie Collector\backups.xml.” The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another program.

The second one is…

Access violation at address 0000000003064319 in module ‘MovieCollector.exe’. Read of address 000000000000000.

Then the program boots up, but everything is blank and nothing works. After the program is closed, there are two error messages.

Range check error.


Access violation at address 00000000032ED5AC in module ‘MovieCollector.exe’. Read of address 000000000000030.

What is the problem? How can I load it so it works normally again???

My first suggestion would be: please forget about the legacy desktop software and switch to the Movie Connect web-based software.

Problems like the above are EXACTLY why desktop software is dead. Windows is making it impossible to run desktop software without periodic stupid permission problems.

But to resolve this: please reinstall the program with Admin Rights.

Here’s what to do:

Download your Collectorz software again from your CLZ Account page.

  • Login here:

  • Click the download button for your platform and download the version you’re entitled to, save it to your computer (do not run the installer).

Right click on the downloaded installer, and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

This will install the program with Administrative rights.

Now launch the program and see if the problem has been resolved.